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 You would put an end to USA
Author: M J Lindberg 
Date:   2001-09-01 16:14:37

Thu, November 2, 2000 7:23 pm

Why would I guess that you are for everthing that would put an end to the good old "USA." None of us are perfect. All of us conservatives are flawed. But, if were not for those conservative ideals and people like Randy, you would not be here.

I'm sure you support abortion as a form of birth control, though weep and cry at the execution of a murderer ( this one I'll never understand of you guy's, oh pardon me you persons).

I'll bet you love to tear down the "Monster USA" to your European friends, who love to hate us. (Except those wonderful Irish, who I truly believe like us.) ( You could argue that they are not European) I suspect you also think Sweden is "uptopia." What a disaster. Go check it out. ( I can say that as I am 100% Swedish.)

I have seen it all. Just what is it that makes people from all over the world want to be an American. Just gives you "goose pimples all over, doesn't it ?

I know this will sound very stupid to you, but think about it. If you were walking down a dark city street, in a high crime rate city, you know the what I mean, and there were "gang bangers" all around. Would you feel more comfortable if a young Randy Cunningham type were with you. You bet your ass you would.

The world cannot be full of Randy Cunningham's, that is for sure. But, we do need them.

If only you could have seen Berlin in the 1960's and 70's as I did many times. To look upon East Berlin from West Berlin, was like a " cold shot of urine into my heart." Did you know some cold, heartless, US pilot dropped candy on german children from his terrible military airplane during the Berlin Airlift. I suppose that was propaganda. I bet you don't dare talk about that kind of thing to your friends. They would think you "tripped." (I know it's an old word.)

Say "Hi" to Jane.

PS: Tailhook? When you were 24-25, you would have loved it. Yeah, I know, it was naughty. But when you are 24, you are sometimes naughty and that will never change. (No, I wasn't there.)

 Re: You would put an end to USA
Author: Raul 
Date:   2001-11-25 21:32:24

Thank God (oops!) for your words.
Keep up the good work!

 Re: You would put an end to USA
Author: May 18, 2001 
Date:   2002-05-18 10:40:24

I think that they are out to get Duke.


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