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 Is Cunningham gay?
Author: calipendence 
Date:   2005-06-28 09:42:56

Supposedly he "loved men"...

This hasn't been talked about much in local media, and though many of us wouldn't care if the congress person we voted for were gay, but we do hate hypocrites, and someone calling gays "homos" on the House floor, with potentially him actually being one himself, is what I would find abhorrent. His constituency though, probably would care even more negatively about him that he's gay than him being a hypocrite. Either way, news like this in addition to the other news already assemble will toast this guy!


 Re: Is Cunningham gay?
Author: Paul 
Date:   2005-07-03 10:53:12

please . . .

 Re: Is Cunningham gay?
Author: mitch wade 
Date:   2005-07-07 15:14:09

Are you sane?
Do you have any decency?

Let's start a thread calling you a child molester!!!!

 Re: Is Cunningham gay?
Author: Phil Karn 
Date:   2005-07-17 12:12:56

Uh, "mitch wade" from Iowa, did you really mean to equate homosexuality with child molestation? Grrrrr....

 Re: Is Cunningham gay?
Author: R. Middlemas 
Date:   2005-07-18 09:28:14

To Phil: Don't worry, Mitch posted a wide swath of...I'll be kind..."comments", all on the same day, and all of them are short, reactionary and poorly considered. Cruise the forums and you will see what I mean.

As to the subject at hand, without resorting to hyperbole - Personally, I don't think Dandy Randy is gay. I don't know why I think that, but I don't.

There are several precedents, however, that follow the same pattern that Randy has established. Basically the pattern of bashing gays, trying to outlaw gays and marginalize gays. For an example of this behavior, by a staunch GOP'er visit http://www.spokesmanreview.com/jimwest/

I am sure the parallels will become obvious.

Note to Mitch: See how I gave my opinions and suggested possible alternatives? That is called objectivity and healthy debate. Try it some time.

 Re: Is Cunningham gay?
Author: Phil Karn 
Date:   2005-07-18 13:13:55

I don't know if Cunningham is gay or not. And, like you, I wouldn't care at all if it weren't for his venomous homophobia. You're quite right, there is a growing list of publicly conservative, gay-bashing politicians who turn out to be gay. A congressman from my home state of Maryland (Robert Bauman) was one of the first to be outed, around 1980. In his case he did it to himself by being arrested for soliciting sex from a 16-year-old male prostitute.

I know that outing gay politicians is extremely controversial within the gay community; one faction says that an individual's sexual orientation is his own business, even if he's a gay-bashing social ultraconservative, and another says that in such cases the better good requires their outing.

 Re: Is Cunningham gay?
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2005-08-22 16:03:06

For what it's worth I don't believe the story. Certain details don't match, such as number of children (5 vs. Duke's 3), number of tours (3 vs. Duke's 2), and besides the fact Cunningham was a known womanizer back then (see Vistica's Fall from Glory). I really don't care if it's true, except it would be another example of Cunningham's hypocritical views.

An earlier thread posted in 2003 has more discussion:

The original article was published in the Washington Blade July 4, 2003:

Houston Voice Online (blog), 8/20/2005:

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