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 Wade & Cunningham & The Sure Foundation
Author: chris 
Date:   2005-06-18 20:21:33


I loved your site. It was so informative.

You might want to check out Duke's relationshio with Mitchell Wade's "The Sure Foundation, Inc" Wade's wife Christiane is the president emeritus of the Sure Foundation.

Their mission is to help kids from war torn nations. (Of course, MZM's mission is to help tear apart nations, but that is another matter.)

Anyway, the Duke got a $100,000 grant for The SURE Foundation which they usd to hire Effi Barry (ex-wife of Marion Barry, councilmember of DC council.) She is supposedly paid 10,000 a month to set up some art enrichment program for DC kids.
Also, check out the 4 pillars for The Sure Foundation, especially Pillar #3 "Provide for Judeo-Christian-based Spiritual Development and Counseling programs for refugee children and youth..."

Wade, Cunningham, and The Sure Foundation


Cunningham's wife and daughter are on the advisory council for The SURE Foundation, Inc


 The Sure Foundation
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2005-06-18 22:55:56

Thanks Chris. I saw that in the Washington Post earlier this week. The Sure Foundation is awfully suspicious. It was founded and funded by military contractor Stephen Wade and his MZM Inc.

William Bennett of the North County Times reported on 6/17/2005 that Cunningham's subcommittee authorized a $100,000 grant to The Sure Foundation. See

Also, "The Sure Foundation" religious objectives are made more clear with an obvious reference to the popular Christian hymnal Christ is Made the Sure Foundation.

While the Christian charity appears to be legitimite, it certainly shows another tie between Cunningham and Wade, and possibly others.

It's interesting that The Sure Foundation webpage http://www.the-sure-foundation.org/ used to have a PDF newsletter with pictures of Wade and the Cunninghams at a party, but it has mysteriously disappeared from the website (June 2005).

Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation

1. Christ is made the sure Foundation,
Christ the Head and Cornerstone;
Chosen of the Lord and precious,
Binding all the church in one;
Holy Zion's Help forever,
And her Confidence alone.

2. To this temple, where we call Thee,
Come, O Lord of Hosts, today!
With Thy faithful lovingkindness
Hear Thy people as they pray.
And Thy fullest benediction
Shed within its walls alway.

3. Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants
What they ask of Thee to gain;
What they gain from Thee forever
With the blessed to retain,
And hereafter in Thy glory
Evermore with Thee to reign.

4. Laud and honor to the Father,
laud and honor to the Son,
laud and honor to the Spirit,
ever three and ever one;
one in might and one in glory,
while unending ages run.

Text: Unknown, 7th Century; translated from Latin by John Mason Neale, 1851.

 Re: Wade & Cunningham & The Sure Foundation
Author: Steve 
Date:   2005-06-20 20:45:22

It is also interesting to note that the "MZM Inc." and "Sure Foundation" web site contact pages have the same "1523 New Hampshire Ave." address listed and exactly the same picture of the front of the building. They apparently share space in the office building/townhouse. This is the same address that was used as the name of the front company that purchased Randall's Del Mar home, although the company itself is apparently located at 2412 Darcy Place (see the Grant Deed).

Is the Tracy Place address a personal residence at which the Wade's live? A Google search suggests that former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara may have lived there. Even more off-topic, it appears that the University of California's Office of Federal Governmental Relations may have used the New Hampshire Ave. address in the past.

I'm very interested in hearing more about the potential undervaluation of the Rancho Santa Fe home. In addition, there was talk that the Del Mar home was undervalued when it was finally sold. Do we know anything about the people who eventually purchased it? Were they somehow associated with Randall and given a "sweetheart deal," too. Apparently Duke's real estate friend Ms. Todd was the realtor involved in both of those sales.

Are the proper authorities and press being kept apprised of all of these developing connections?

 The Sure Foundation sign removed
Author: Ottnott 
Date:   2005-07-03 18:09:38

Page A7 of the June 28, 2005 San Diego Union-Tribune has a picture of a portion of the front of 1523 New Hampshire Ave. The picture shows a plaque on the front reading "MZM, Inc." Just above it is a smaller plaque for "THE SURE FOUNDATION".

Page A1 of the July 2, 2005 San Diego Union-Tribune has a picture showing the entrance to the building (described as a "townhouse" in the June 28 caption). The MZM plaque is clearly visible. There is a blank space where the "THE SURE FOUNDATION" plaque used to be.

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