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Author: Richard P. Verlasky 
Date:   2005-06-18 14:25:59

First, your web site is a real hoot. I live in San Diego but not in the Duke-Stir's district. Consequently I haven't followed him closely because I thought he is just a jerk and any time there was any flap, I'd largely ignore it because there was nothing I could do. Your site reminds me of so many of his faux pas. I have posted your web site to a couple of listsrv's I belong to so I'm sure you're going to be getting more hits.

I would not want to be the Duke-Stir and hear that the Federal Grand Jury is reviewing Mansiongate and that the FBI is on the trail. Even in this day and age of terrorism, the San Diego FBI will always make time for a case of political corruption. The current case regarding the San Diego City Councilmen in federal court is the result of their handiwork, as was the prosecution a few years ago that convicted two judges.

I hope you're up to it because to keep your site current, you're gonna have a lot of up-dating to do in the coming weeks.

As I have said, your site is a real hoot. Hope you keep up the good and funny work.

 Re: Mansiongate
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2005-06-18 15:20:28

Thanks for the compliments. I figured the only way to gete Duke Cunningham out of office was to keep the spotlight on him. I remember a poli-sci professor saying "sunshine" is the best cure for political corruption." I figured if I kept a website archiving his actions so they won't be forgotten, they could come back and haunt him.

What has really happened, however, is Cunningham got so over-confident that he did a stupid thing like MansionGate. Either that or he's getting so close to retirement that he doesn't care if he gets re-elected or not. He said at the last election that he's going to retire sometime, and his wife is retiring this month or next. Howver, I can't believe someone would willingly go down in history with such a black mark, even if he's rich now with a mansion and 2 government pensions (Navy and Congress).

The root of the problem is Gerrymandering Congressional Districts. If districts weren't so lop-sided to Republicans or Democrats, Representatives would have to work harder and be more moderate and compromising, to appeal to a broad base of constituents

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