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 the duke ad infinitum
Author: James Carlson 
Date:   2006-09-25 12:11:27

Greetings from the cheap seats up here in the peanut gallery. Been following along since they called Cunningham's bluff. Have known him since AOCS—he was stuck on stupid then,too. LB—I'm a Sgt Ricker man, too. One helluva fine Marine—I owe him.

Re the A-7 that got wet during CQ on Connie; pilot was a friend of mine-Russ Pearson. I had been CQing on the Hancock in F-8's but they ran out of time. Several days later (11 June) went out and got 2day/4nite and sarted mentally preparing myself for numerous cold ones. Alas, evil LSO absconded with my trusty Gator, said something about rank & privelege, flipped me the bird and said good luck. Hope he choked on his adult beverage. Not sure the date of the flight deck mishap but a day or so after I went down to sickbay and Russ gave me the whole story. One lucky dude, he. As I remember it, Russ said the docs wanted to helo him off rather than wait a few days for the ship to pull in but he said no way, it was just too painful and would wait. Docs said ok. I went to the powers that be (anyone has more power than a FRP) and sniveled on the manifest. I was waiting in the ATO cage when the guy got hurt and I was sent back to the ready room. Was really ticked off at the time until the Captain made a 1MC announcement, but have thanked God a million times since for the change of events. Later I was told that it was Cunningham that had blown the guy down by not coming to idle as the yellow shirt was turning him and that he was a CPO from VF-121! Any truth there LB? Later.

 Re: the duke ad infinitum
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-09-25 19:30:29

Russ Pearson . . . now there is a name that I have not heard for a long, long time. A very good man. A VT-26 type of guy as I recall. He had that droll delivery when telling a TINS story that was great.

I never heard about Cunningham rolling one down the flight deck. Too much power on deck was something that FRPs were known to do.

 Re: the duke ad infinitum
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-09-27 21:53:29

I never heard about Cunningham rolling one down the deck. Every now and again, a nugget would screw up and do it. When we were told to use as little power as possible on the flight deck, I believed them. Early on it went the other way for me. I used too little power coming out of the gear on CQ in the F-8 and the yellow shirts went a tad nuts.

Russ Pearson was one of the good guys. Excellent droll delivery of a TINS story.

 Re: the duke ad infinitum
Author: LB 
Date:   2006-09-28 14:08:10

The underwater ejection was on 10 June; Don't know who'se plane blew donw the yellowshirt, or who the fellow was. Russ was supposed to be medivad'd to Balboa but there was only one evac space and the yellow-shirt got that.

Here's the story from Pearson himself:


Sgt Ricker, eh....yes, on hell of a man. Small world, eh, James. Even the Sr. Ensign on here...we surely passed each other in the passage way during the mini-cruise on Connie, 1971.

 Re: the duke ad infinitum
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-09-28 19:49:16

Thanks LB it was good to read Rog's story again.

Also I read that Cunningham had gotten finished with his physical and psych exams and would soon be moved to a joint in California.

I also read that his wife and the AG had made a deal on the money and it will be announced Oct 6th or 7th. The only honorable thing that Cunningham did was to take a bullet for her by saying that she know nothing and that he had conned her into it.

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