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 Randy's pro-Serbian position on Kosovo
Author: Chris Harris 
Date:   2001-09-01 13:48:42

Fri, March 12, 1999 6:08 pm

I was looking through the house transcripts for yesterday, and I found some Kook Cunningham rants. He's just showing off his anti-Albanian bigotry.

Mr. CUNNINGHAM. Mr. Speaker, this is exactly the time to have this discussion, exactly the time. It may not be the time for negotiators and bean counters but it is for our troops. I remember Somalia, where the President did not come to Congress when he changed going after Aideed, and we lost 22 rangers because they failed to give armor which the military wanted; or Haiti, that we are today spending $25 million a year in building schools and roads out of the defense budget.

Kosovo is like any of the United States is to Greater Serbia. It is not a separate entity. It is the birthplace of the Orthodox Catholic religion. It is their home. It was occupied by 100 percent Serbs, and the Turks and the Nazis eliminated and desecrated and ethnically cleansed Jews, Gypsies and Serbs and now the population is Albanian. Albania does not want just Kosovo. They want part of Greece. They want Montenegro. This is only a beginning. Listen to George Tenet's brief. Bin Laden is working with the KLA, the terrorists, that is going to hit the United States. If we do not want to stop this, then do not talk about it, but if we go in there, we are going to lose a great number of people. For what? They have been fighting for 400 years. This debate is well timed. Maybe not for my colleagues on the other side but for the kids that have to put those backpacks on and carry rifles. It is the time to stop this. Take a look at the number of military deployments. It was 300 percent during the height of Vietnam. We are killing our military as it is, and we have one-half the force to do it. That is why they are bailing out. This is exactly the time, Mr. Speaker, and I reject the other side.

 Re: Randy's pro-Serbian position on Kosovo
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2001-09-01 14:25:27

Mr. Cunningham is very biased toward the Serbs and turns a blind eye toward their attrocities. I find it interesting that he gets campaign contributions from foreign governments fighting against the United States:


"(Danielle Sremac who has been featured on NBC and CNN as representing the "Institute for Balkan Studies" was a member of the Serbian Unity Congress (SUC) and was an official representative in the U.S. for the government of indicted war-criminal Radovan Karadzic. Neither NBC nor CNN has properly identified her connections. The SUC which supports "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia and Kosovo has given large campaign contributions to key present and former members of Congress, including Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham who echoes Slobodan Milosevic in equalizing the perpetrators with the victims."

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