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Author: Patrick 
Date:   2006-05-12 22:43:17

Say what you want, think what you want as we Americans are given in our beautifull land of opportunity. Also, think about that very right which people like Cunningham gave you in the first place in his absolutely tremendous service for our Country. I am ex-military(Army 3rd of the 7th Cav, 3rd ID, Ft Stewart, GA), and people I can tell you (you have no clue at all if you have never served in our forces) you can talk all the junk you want, but walking the walk can be very different. Did you walk the walk Cunningham and his RIO did? If "yes" go to town with it. If "no" study the history on it, and really promise to think long and hard about it before reaching your own personal conclusion (which by the way people like Cunningham allows you to do in his service history like many others' sacrifices for this Country unlike ""other Countires""".) Be an Iraq person, or Aphganistan person (shot for trying to speak up for rights, especially women)
People, we are not innocent until proven guilty. We are "guilty" until proven innocent (sorry for any bad spelling folks) in this Country. Do I like that? "NO" Did I serve it? "YES" Why? Because it's the absolute best there is in the current World that we all live in. Am I happy with our judicial system, the price of gas/utilities? Hell no! The energy costs drive my family deeper into poverty each day, and the cops keep writing me tickets!
My opinion? It's not my fault the slow-@!#$ moron had to go 25 in a 55 zone, and I had to go 75 to get around safely without hitting oncoming cars! (...and it's not my fault for getting a 275HP Trailblazer as well, I did it "for a reason people!") It's also not my fault that I had to kick some "brother-in-law" @!#$ around (very hard by the way) for hurting my sister.
...But see folks? "It's not my fault according to me." ...That doesn't go too far as I have learned.
The judicial system has a very different outlook on things. A lot of money, and...(98 days straight in jail with a 600 calorie per day limit for pissing the judge off)
My point is this, please do not judge Cunningham based on what you hear. "A certain person is indicted on certain charges." "Smart people, think about that!" "indicted on certain charges" Where is the proof?
Why do we as a society have to look down on someone that was not even proven to be guilty, but put into a stream of allegations? "All because of charges." Just think about that, you can be put on charges at anytime, anyplace, for something you did not do. Oh...I am certain your heart would change fast. Think of your worst fears in those regards, imagine it, and know that it can happen to you tommorrow.
I am not talking about the aftermath of Cunningham, for all you trying to get ahead of me here. I am talking about all the garbage he caught before then. Oh yes, here is one for the guy talking about how Cunningham could have never taken colonel Toon out if Toon had a mig 21...
I think (and this is hard for me anyway folks) ...that colonel Toon (in all fairness) was an extremely accomplished pilot, and the top Vietnamese ace at the time (by the way Mark LLam••, whom I worked with in the beef packing plant all those years... "uh...duh...yeah there were dogfights in the Vietnam conflict Mr. know-it-all, so check the history!)
The F-4 phantom was an extremely powerful aircraft of the times. When it's twin turbines went into afterburner, the enemy soon would become nothing but a dot in the sky, in the rear view mirror(if you had one). To the Vietnamese guy...I am working hard at being fair here, but you people had nothing like the F-4 at the time, and you did not have Cunningham and his RIO, nor did you have anything like our Vietnam vets! You seen us as spoiled, stupid Americans that were too close to our happy lives to sacrifice it all and fight you!
We lost around 55,000 awesome vets (black, spanish, white, what-have-you which took around 25 of you out for every one of them!) You lost well over 1,000,000 people with figures still climbing even today!
You know what? I think that it sucks! It's hurtfull to me to see that many people die regardless of the situation. That is War for you, and war sucks! I only wish the little ones didn't have to go through it as they did, because they didn't ask for that, and they never deserved that. You see America as you see it, but you want to know where you screwed up? You see American Civillians carrying on with their lives having a great big ole' wonderfull time! You did not see "American Military" and what it is trained to be. The Civillian life, and military life are two different Worlds. This is where terrorists of today are blinded. Did you know that I was taught and trained by my Country to die for it? Did you know that when my training was over, I felt that the best I could do in my entire life was to sacrifice my life for my Country, and I felt unusually wonderfull about that and could not wait for that?
Anyways, back to that dogfight...I don't think Toon could have won that with a Mig-21 fighter. Maybe if he had been flying an F-14 Tomcat, but then again...Check this one out...A "fairly capable pilot" in the new F-22 Raptor can take anyone out in the current World, even with a 12 to 1 odds factor and more. I see what you are saying in that Mig-21, and it really was very advanced in it's time, but I don't think Toon would have pulled it off against Cunningham and his RIO. Vietnamese guy, your people chose to fight, you can keep telling yourself everyday of how much you won in that process, but really, how much did you really win in the end? My guess, is that you would have to tell yourself something mythologically good, especially in a situation like that. You lost well over 1,000,000, and we lost around 55,000.
Gee..., I wonder who really got the worst end of it?
In Somalia, they claimed victory! It was estimated that for every 25-35 of them killed we lost one American Trooper in that process.
"One" is too much to lose in any case! Here is my message to the World out there that thinks about fighting us though...
"KISS MY AMERICAN @!#$!" ...As the "Damn Yankees band sing."
"Oh wow, you lose 9 billion people, and we lose 1 or 2 and you call it a victory?"
Holly crap! What University did you graduate from?
Anyways, good luck Cunningham! You are still an ace to me! You kicked Colonel Toons @!#$ and made him look like a sissy @!#$! You made him your @!#$ in that fight! Colonel toon was a "@!#$." Uh...well...let me re-phrase that one, "Colonel Toon was a sissy @!#$ done without vaseline!"
Actually, in reality, that was pretty much what happened in that dogfight. Sorry Toon, sorry Vietnamese guy (by the way I like the all you can eat buffets over here. Too bad they can't kick me out when they think I'm done, I guess they forgot they were in "America" and found themselves pushing up against my "American" hand as I batted them down and ate with pleasure.)
Oops! I guess they forgot that their rules don't apply here!
Think that's all bad? Ok check this one out...Just try to piss off an American woman one time. Oh...that's not enough? Go after a "soul sister" over here if you wanna see bad. You see? We kick @!#$ because of the severe mix of people we have here. We hate each other on the freeways, do drive-by murders, still have racism etrc...Now, just think about that one. We hate each other on extreme severities as it is. Now, imagine pissing us off! We hurt ourselves! We are crazy people!
The arab radicals think they are hurting us! How do you hurt that which is already hurt? In our minds, we figure, "Well, hell, we may as well take all the assholes out that we can before death etrc..."
Ok, so we all have our opinions. I say this. Damn, just take over the whole Middle east, take the damn oil, screw the people over there and give us the oil we need for now until better things come along, and allow us the $0.78 per gallon we would pay now in such a situation. Look folks...They hate us anyway! Nothing can be done to change that! Look at the 1979 hostage episode in Iran! Did anyone in these threads know that all those people hated us long before even that occurred? They just always got away with it until now. Weapons of mass destruction not only were there as we have all been told, they were already there all this time! Oh...and again, for the super wise out there, I do mean "weapons of mass destrucion" as in weapons we could/cannot see as of yet. They have been there all this time, it's just that many of us did not see it in the angle we were looking at it in. Wanna wait until they develop that nasty stuff and hurt your children? Not me, I say screw em'!!!

 Re: "Duke" Cunningham
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-05-13 00:02:43

Excellent Rant.

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