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 Duke and Da Hoes
Author: R. Middlemas 
Date:   2006-04-27 08:54:12

The Daily Muck
By Paul Kiel and Justin Rood - April 27, 2006, 8:20 AM

FBI Thinks Several Lawmakers Got Hookers through Wade, Wilkes

The FBI is probing whether now-imprisoned Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) and other lawmakers spent time with prostitutes arranged for and paid by Mitchell Wade, former head of defense-intelligence contractor MZM Inc., and Brent Wilkes, of ADCS. Both men are accused of bribing Cunningham; Wade has admitted it, and is cooperating with prosecutors.

The FBI's also curious about staff members who may have joined in on the action, which is said to take place in the Westin Grand and — yes, the second time is farce — the Watergate. (WSJ)


 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: danr@drydog.com 
Date:   2006-04-27 10:24:40

The article was originally in the Wall Street Journal
April 27, 2006, p. A6:

Prosecutors May Widen Congressional-Bribe Case
Cunningham Is Suspected Of Asking for Prostitutes; Were Others Involved?
April 27, 2006; Page A6

Federal prosecutors are investigating whether two contractors implicated in the bribery of former Rep. Randall "Duke" Cunningham supplied him with prostitutes and free use of a limousine and hotel suites, pursuing evidence that could broaden their long-running inquiry.
. . .
The article may not be there long—WSJ only has recent articles online for free (otherwise you pay for online access).

Thanks for the pointer from tpmmuckraker.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: R. Middlemas 
Date:   2006-04-27 11:22:33

This just keeps getting better. I have a feeling that there are many VERY nervous people in DC right now...

As far as I'm concerned, I don't care if those involved are liberal, hippy Dems or bible thumping neo-con Repubs....just so they get thier butts hung out to dry...

But...as we all know...this is nothing new....

Cunningham Scandal: Enter the Hookers

By Justin Rood - April 27, 2006, 7:35 AM

The Wall Street Journal reports today that admitted briber Mitchell Wade of MZM, Inc. helped procure prostitutes for former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) — and possibly for others:

According to people with knowledge of the investigation, Mr. Wade told investigators that Mr. Cunningham periodically phoned him to request a prostitute, and that Mr. Wade then helped to arrange for one. A limousine driver then picked up the prostitute as well as Mr. Cunningham, and drove them to one of [two] hotel suites, originally at the Watergate Hotel, and subsequently at the Westin Grand.

. . . nvestigators are focusing on whether any other members of Congress, or their staffs, may also have used the same free services, though it isn't clear whether investigators have turned up anything to implicate others.

Wade says his mentor and fellow Cunningham briber Brent Wilkes had set up the ring — rented the hotel rooms, found the limousine company and the hookers. According to the WSJ, Wade says he usually passed off Cunningham's requests to Wilkes to set up.


 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-04-27 19:13:25

Perhaps all this medical attention that Cunningham is getting is for the clap or a persistant drippy member . . . "Not to worry Randy, in a while it will fall off on its own!"

What a hoot, a short arm inspection for a former member of congress . . . you know, it has a ring!

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2006-04-27 20:02:59

CIA's Goss Drawn Into Hooker Probe?
By Justin Rood - April 27, 2006, 7:23 PM
Ken Silverstein reports at Harper's blog on the spreading Cunningham-Wade-Wilkes prostitute scandal. He says more lawmakers, past and present, are being investigated. . . .
More at this link:
http://www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/000494.php http://www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/000494.php

Harper's Blog:
Red Lights on Capitol Hill?
Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2006. By Ken Silverstein.

http://www.harpers.org/sb-red-lights-on-capitol-hill.htm http://www.harpers.org/sb-red-lights-on-capitol-hill.htm

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-04-27 21:01:53

Like I said, early on, "The Dukster was very smart, for once, in following his attorneys' advise to cop a plea and be done with this . . . Pimping and pandering - 1 count each carries a sentence of about 20-years.

My question remains, "was he wearing skivvies, his flight jacket and did he have the lava lamp going on the table . . . ?" Inquiring minds gots to know dis stuff!

"Fleet Senior Ensign Taz, get on that! Then check the rat guards and you then you are next up for boat officer . . . . "

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Senior Fleet Ensign Hewett 
Date:   2006-04-27 21:21:14

HOOKERS? HOOKERS!!! I've got my burlap BVD's packed and am waiting at the back door. When will the shuttle be here?

Raz ~always game~ MaTaz

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-04-28 00:02:31

Taz all this talk about Hookers is to filthy for a young Ensign's ears. You are dismissed.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-04-28 07:34:57

Raz that story is very funny! You go on a WestPac cruise and get a dose from a round eye! You do have a claim to fame with that one!

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2006-04-28 08:09:49

Article from the Union-Trib, p. A-1 today:

Co-conspirator's possible links to prostitutes eyed

By Dean Calbreath
April 28, 2006
Federal prosecutors are reviewing records of two Washington, D.C., hotels where Poway defense contractor Brent Wilkes rented suites as part of their investigation into whether prostitutes were involved as he tried to curry favor with lawmakers and CIA officials.
. . .

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-04-28 10:43:13

Now the question is whether "Da Hoes will claim that they are really college students and that Duke raped them." I understand that they did not file a cliam of rape until the check bounced.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: LB 
Date:   2006-04-28 12:36:35

<<< I was pretty much resolved that I wouldn't be so lucky on the cruise, having heard tales of Olongapo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, etc.

While on liberty in Hong Kong, a sailor had sex with a Chinese girl.

He developed a really bad disease. His organ had begun oozing a really awful foul smelling substance, and it was turning dark red, later turning dark mottled brown.

The Navy sent him stateside immediately for treatment. He went to the doc. Doc asked what is problem is, and the sailor pulls down his pants.

"Oh my God!!! What a horrible looking Dick. The only thing we can do is amputate to save your life!!!"

"Doc, NO. You just CANT amputate. I LIKE my manhood."

Doc said to go home and think about it because he was going to die if they didn't cut it off.

Sailor went home, thought, " Ah...Chinese girl...Chinese Doctor."

He went to a Chinese doctor who asked him what his problem was.

Sailor pulled down the pants and the Chinese doctor said. "Oh my God!!! Your Dick look horrible. What other doctor say?"

"He said it would have to be amputated."

"Oh no, other doc wrong. No need to amputate. Give it four, maybe five days...

Dick fall off by itself."

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: LB 
Date:   2006-04-28 12:41:52


En route to Westpac our East coast boat (America) stopped at RIO. Fully 10% of the guys (500 of 'em...count 'em) caught some STD bug. Ships CO was really ticked and since we had a 3-week or so sail to Subic, the ships TV...first Color in the Navy....constantly showed videos of various types of crud and some of the really awful disfigurements some can cause.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-04-28 12:56:51

Cunninghams kids must be really anguishing over these reports of their dad with hookers. This thing is so bad.

And his wife has got to be white hot pi$$ed.

Look for the devorce report soon.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-04-29 13:15:12

That reporting clap to the wife of an officer happened on the Shang when I was a LTJG flying F-8s. The corpsman had a hard on for officers and struck out at an officer that had never done a thing to him. The guy was a Spad driver in a queer A-1 squadron.

To make a long story short, I sat on the @!#$'s court marshall. "No deal, you are going to a general court. The board was made up of officers and senior petty officers. Well when it was over, this corpsman had more than commissioned officers to be P.O.'d at; he hated senor enlisted also. He caught a Dishororable Discharge and 2-years in Portsmith.

To make matters worse, while awaiting transfer back to the states, he was being off-loaded from the Shang in Rota. He got stupid and would not come out of his cell and threw his own sh!t on the Marines that ran the brig. Well, they beat him down so bad that he was in the hospital at Rota for about 3-weeks. Upon release, the Marines escorted him to Portsmith Naval Prison minus about half of his teeth that he was still likely still picking them out of his a$$hole.

Upon arrival at the prison, that was run by Marines . . . the Corps said, "Welcome." That had to be a very physically challenging 2-years.

All over a stupid letter written to an officer's wife about him catching a does that was not true.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-04-29 13:17:37

. . . and even if it were true, damb sure not the subject of correspondence between some corpsman and a wife at home.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2006-05-01 21:01:58

In the 4/28 Union-Trib article
mentioned above, it says
"[attorney] Stafford's letter stated that [limo president] Baker was “never in attendance in any party where any women were being used for prostitution purposes.” (emphasis mine)

Wonkette http://www.wonkette.com/politics/duke-cunningham/watergategate-hookers-the-dukestir-and-your-guide-to-a-sex-scandal-170761.php
makes a big deal about the women qualifier in the quote, implying they were male prostitutes—possible but I doubt it. I'm more interested in the qualifier for prostitution purposes, which implies to me that either the hired prostitutes were friendly escorts or that they weren't performing prostitution services while the limo president was present.

Of course, the attorney or limo president could be lying also.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-05-02 17:15:53

Again, looking in the bathroom and seeing no fire, therefore the kitchen is not ablaze. Why would the limo driver be going out on jobs? We use a limo service for our business from time-to-time bringing clients from the airport to the plant, the president of the limo company has never driven one of the cars or delivered a client.

 Re: Duke and Da Hoes
Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-05-02 19:27:59

Then I know that he never went out on trips.

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