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 jim is no scholar either
Author: jared c. 
Date:   2002-10-18 00:44:25

in the short message from jim about the 2002 congressional race, he used the wrong form of the word "brake" in his sentence. a very elementary mistake for someone who is running for a congressional seat. you have made statements about randy's level of intelligence, but he has to speak in public everyday of his life... this guy jim has a 3 sentece message on a chessy website and already screwed up once! be careful voters of district 51. i know who i would vote for if i lived there and not only because i am randy's cousin!

one final note, he was overly nice and helpful when we went to meet him in washington, not only to us but others on a public street when he pushed a disabled veterans wheelchair for a couple of blocks. i guess your response is that he was hoping cameras would catch him doing that. democrats always have a quick and alternative reason for any type of charitable display by any of the republican leaders as well as exploiting their mistakes to the fullest, but when it is a democrat they have the cameras already positioned there and justify what they do wrong by patting themselves on the back for the only thing they can ever come up with - how well they are liked... not by merits done on capitol hill, which is too hard to come up with.

one more thing, how can any of you downgrade randy's service during vietnam and still consider yourself a good american? he was the one putting his life in the line of fire to protect your freedoms - like posting this retarded website. but what more can you expect from a political party whose self proclaimed greatest leader was a draft dodging, pothead, who was so overly anxious to become a war hero president that he bombed an aspirin factory hoping to spark something in the mideast - but he was well liked.

good luck jim, authors of this website and all democrats, you will need it.

your friend,

feel free to email me if need be, maybe a dumb coonass from south louisiana can help set some of you misled democrats straight.

 Re: jim is no scholar either
Author: Paul 
Date:   2005-09-18 08:56:28

Coonass, breathe. No one has downgraded his excellent service to this country 35 years ago. What we are saying is that the service he provided does not buy him a pass on these charges.

I hope that you and yours rode out the storm OK. For one, I cannot wait to visit your country soon to get some great red beans and rice.

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