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Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-02-08 09:08:11

Congratulations Dan. You were ringing the bell before many could smell the smoke.

Where are all of those detractors and hate-driven attackers that came after you in droves? Come on you right wing zelots, let's hear from you . . . now that your boy is about to 'pick-up the chain.' Ah, remember that old song Duke, "That's the sound of the men working on the chain gang . . . " P.O.S.

Author: Scott aka RazMaTaz 
Date:   2006-02-08 20:59:31

Well said regarding Dan's forsight and efforts throughout the past 10 years. While many might have guessed there was a problem brewing, no one else took the times to track it, document it, and expose himself to the flak that Dan did for the longest period. It takes a lot of balls to endure the flames, criticism, personal vendetta's and the like to continue his exposing the ~real~ Dandy Cunningham. To be totally candid, I, like maybe 5,000+ crewmen on the USS Constellation have felt a lot of pride to be amongst a group that helped support an "Ace".... no matter what our tasks were upon the big ship, we were in some way, a part of it. That cannot be taken away.

Thankfully, I didn't start looking into Cunningham's screwups until last Summer.
Otherwise, I myself would most likely be flaming Dan Anderson, in support of a legend and ~hero~. I emailed Dan after getting interested in how this website came to be, and he answered many questions. Myself being a defender of Cunningham at the time, I asked Dan many questions. I was happy to hear there was no personal aggenda, etc, but it was based upon an outsiders view of what Cunningham's political history and dealings with various groups and money was. In short, Dan had no "axe to grind". That was very important for me to hear.
The one thing this website lacks, is a history and description of how this website came to be, ie: What prompted it in the beginning, and the various trials and tribulations Dan went through to this date. If nothing else, this "Why this Website", would show that the only ~personal aggenda~ is the one that each and every American should be enjoined to...corruption within OUR ranks.

So, Dan Anderson, please consider this post as a compliment of the highest order. I believe you could do the website well to include an "introductory", of the website, so that the "first time reader" gets a feel for what the site is all about. Thanks for ~taking it~ for all of us for 10 years. I would have loved to see your grin when the indictments/plea agreements were handed out. Thanks from lots of us!

Scott "RazMaTaz" Hewett

Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-02-09 08:55:01

Raz, pretty well written for a "shoe."

Dan, nice background info.

I am still asking, where are the Cunningham supporters? "Come On Down." I promise not to say a word to them first. I will leave it to others . . . NOT!

Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-02-09 21:52:07

Ah, RazMaTaz, my Boswell . . .

"Cruel Shoes"

Author: David Dickey 
Date:   2006-02-10 07:10:23

Damn. The scary thing about the flyer is that with all the factual back-up, the SOB was re-elected 6 more times. It took 11 years to expose this guy. How could that happen?

It also exposes this guy's arrogance and the nativity of voters:

(I got away with it before and now I'm going to reap financial gain by doing it again. I am above reproach. I am an Ace)

I guess the fact that he was an Ace and expounded on it so no one would forget that he was an Ace, snowed a majority of voters. Another case of perception and celebrity winning out versus content.

Thanks, Dan, for your resiliency.

Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-02-10 07:23:02

Cunningham was re-elected because the voters in his district are a ton of right wing zelots and Cunningham wrapped himself in the flag. A lot of the voters that supported him make the John Birch Society look reasonable.

Author: john 
Date:   2006-02-11 22:48:37

I was very late to this forum . . . . . and I shouldn't have been. I am sorry for that.

Years ago I tried to tell key people about the "flawed character" they would be sending to Congress . . . then later, sending once again.

No one wanted to hear it. They were overwhelmed and blinded by his almighty "Ace" status, which he always used to his extreme advantage.

Eventually, I just gave up. Over the years, people would often ask my opinion of Cunningham. If my answer did not fit their rapturous perception of their heroic Ace icon, and a true conservative, they were angered. So eventually, I just demurred to their ignorance.

Dan is a better man than I.

While I knew of Cunningham's flaws, Dan did not. But he investigated, while I ignored.

Then he went public, while I went silent. Dan went public for 10 years, suffering the slings and arrows of an ignorant and betrayed electorate. I avoided those arrows and slings by doing nothing and remaining silent.

Fighter pilots are known for their acumen, uncommon courage, and unfailing dedication and perseverance even in the face of seemingly overwhelming adversity. Given the lonely quest that Dan has pursued for a decade, with little support and in the face of constant flack from Cunningham supporters Dan qualifies as a journalistic fighter pilot of the highest order.

Dan is an Ace in my book. More importantly, unlike some, he is an ethical and honest Ace.

In combat, trust of your fellow man is the quintessential element above all else. And I would take Dan as my wingman, any day.

Dan has more than shown, the "right stuff."


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